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    First hang today

    I've been following the forum for a while now, ever since I found Shugs how to for newbs series. When the Grand Trunk ultra lights went onsale for $12 I picked up two. I've tested them out a couple times in the yard but only briefly. Today I hung out with my son for a while, then went out later on my own for a few hours. It was about 40 degrees out, I used a thermarest inflatable pad and my 0 degree sleeping bag. It was great!! I will say that manuvering the pad is a bit tricky.

    I'm hooked. My son, who is 3, also liked it so we might be able to try an over night soon.

    I think I might need to try a differnt gathering method, the sides are really lose which lets my feet fall over the side and makes it a little difficult to get a flat lay. Maybe a fixed ridgeline too. Is paracord strong enough?

    Well thanks to everyone here, the site is great..

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    awesome first hang! and getting the kids involved too.
    I have to say, I used a thermarest my first time over night in my Grand Trunk.
    wow...can you say no sleep?

    there was someone who posted under the DIY insulation thread saying he
    had glued a Wally World blue ccf pad to some non-slide kitchen cupboard stuff
    and put the relectex on the other side. I am still going to put this one together as a back up.

    I went straight for an UQ after that night
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