For Sale Ė

1. Hammockgear 0 degree Incubator Underquilt - Black

On the left, in the picture above.
Itís seen half a dozen nights on the trail.
Asking $260 shipped CONUS

2. Switchback 1.9DL hammock in Spruce Green with 2QZQ - RW Convertible Mod (full review/description of the mod by RW himself here)

This hammock is by far the most comfortable hammock Iíve ever had (I sold my WBBB to purchase it). My brief review and pictures here.
Itís seen 2 nights on the trail.
Asking $190 shipped CONUS.

Get these in time to put under the tree (for someone else or for yourself )
Get the pair for $420 shipped CONUS.

PM if interested.