Here are a few pics of the wolves...

Both of these are howling next to her horse leg, and one with me.
IMG_1006.jpg IMG_0995.jpg

These are all of Lakota, who is the most regal on the preserve. He and Baby are the friendliest, too.
IMG_1159.jpg IMG_1215.jpg IMG_1083.jpg IMG_1232.jpg

Apache licking Ian, then Apache climbing on Brandon.
IMG_1097.jpg IMG_1147.jpg

This is Ian petting Zoya, who is part Siberian Husky and part wolf...hence the different colored eyes. Baby is a wolf-dog as well but doesn't have different eyes.

I think this is Cherokee...gnawing on a leg. She's the only female of Ladyhawke's four-wolf litter, and they're all in this pen together. She's also the smallest, but she's the alpha wolf in the pen.

There are a lot of other great pictures and several other wolves...I'll post some of them on my page when I get to it, but these are the best ones anyway. The harsh light made good pics pretty tough to get.