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the difference is in the under quilt vs pad. almost everything else can be equated the same. bivy/tarp vs hammock and tarp. top quilt=sleeping bag.
hammock suspension might add a bit of weight but essentially you can go just as light hanging above the ground.
This is essentially the difference between my old ground set up (tarp/bug net) and my current hammock set up. My tarp, quilt, and uq/pad all are equal weight between the two. (or close enough not to really matter) The biggest difference is my WBBB is nearly 8oz heavier than my bug net. Pack size, my hammock set up is slightly larger, but it is so close to nearly be equal. The small increase in pack size hasn't changed how my pack is packed.

However, my hammock set up is faaaaaaaar more comfortable. In my opinion it is more than worth the very slight weight/size penalty over a super light ground set up.