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Thats a bit dissapointing to hear that you need to stake out the sides for wind gusts. i guess if your going to do that, then why carry the poles anyway? Do you find this tarp harder to setup than any other in the wind and do you have any tips specific to this tarp? I hope to recieve one shortly to use with a bridge hammock and would appreciate any pointers.
Sorry for the delayed response, I've been out of town. The poles flex a little in high wind gusts. I had the tarp shift and startle me in the middle of the night. It did move back out, but I was already awake. If you tie the bottom out wider this will not happen. I had it setup more like a tent then an A frame. (hope that makes sense.) The tarp kind of rolled so to speak and the cure for that is a different pitch or tie out the sides to keep them away from you. I like the tent structure that the poles give the tarp, so I take extra line to tie out the sides when necessary.

This tarp is no more difficult in the wind than any other large tarp. (smaller tarps are much easier.) I have found that putting the poles in as soon as you get it strung between the trees helps keep it under control a bit, but with 6 tie outs it is work to keep them under control.
Enjoy the new tarp. It should serve you well.