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    I just got whoopies for my UL. I'll send you my hooks if you pay the postage. PM me if interested.

    I just found a cache of stamps. I'll pay postage with them. Just say where.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DemostiX View Post
    You need 60cm / 2ft of 7/64" Amsteel Blue to make a nacrabiner / soft shackle. That's about $.50 and a breaking strength of 700kg / 1500lb. Not to mention impressing those who see and use for the first time.

    Allen Edwards latest variation, a blend of the Kohloff and Coligo Marine style is easier to operate. But, it is the hand-fabrication that is satisfying. Note: This variation is a little hard to find at Edwards web page.

    Spend more (and need a little greater length too) for larger line, right up to 1/4" / 6mm and you'll wind up with shackles that feel wonderful in the hand, and still cost <$2 each in materials. Climbing carabiner lovers can still claim strength superiority, as the 1/4" Amsteel Blue softie will might break with a load of 2300kg /5000lb.
    Why reinvent the wheel when you've got wheels? This is exactly right.
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