Help me out here guys ...

I want to shorten the minimum distance from my hammock to my whoopie loop, my current setup is ...

  • Amsteel continuous loop - 11"
  • Ally ring - 2"
  • Dynaglide Whoopies - 12" to adjustable loop

That's a good two feet of dead gear at each end I suppose, but I need the drip rings for the UK weather.

Sometimes when the trees are tight I'm struggling to get the right tension on my BB and I end up with the calf ridge thing by the footbox.

I have an idea so wanted to run it by you, both the whoopies and continuous loops are larksheaded on to my rings with a single wrap, if I was to keep adding wraps and thereby shortening both cords, would that have any affect on the strength of either?

In other words, can I wrap my 11" loop around the ring five or six times and almost halving the length?