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    Is 'Speedy Stitcher' suitable for hammock webbing?

    Very suitable.

    As mentioned, use a non-cutting needle, or dull the cutting edges on the included needle. The strap is a machine, like a rope. Cutting strands here and there reduces symetrical tension distribution and greatly decreases strap life and rating.

    Pic attached shows one set I've made from old fall poly strapping salvaged from a quarantined SRL from work. I overkilled the stitching using 80# waxed nylon @ 70 stitches per loop (just figured I'd match the rated load of the strap @ 5600#s).

    I've been using awls for most of my life with leather and synthetic fabrics. As stated, "it ain't always purdy, but it's satisfying!"

    Careful about trying to hold material in your "other hand" while stitching. Those needles pass real quick through fingers. The resulting bloodletting stains projects and minor discomforts reduce the efficiency of the rest of the project.

    2nd pic is of my awl loaded with 40# nylon through a machine needle. I normally do not respool for this. Just thread as normal, loop around tension tack and feed off of regular thread spool.

    I've used both the Speedy and Tandy styles mentioned. Both are useful. Thicker threads are easier to tighten in the material with the spool near the needle. My current one has the thread in the handle.


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    I've re-read the thread. Great comments from knowledgeable and experience users. The best kind.

    I also know see how I was flumoxed, going to to Sportsman's Guide, which shows and goes on to list various combos and awls, including one it calls the "original".

    WX2-4909 - Original Stitcher Kit
    Buyer's Club $8.97 Non-Member $9.97

    WX2-1079 - Deluxe Stitcher Kit
    Buyer's Club $17.97 Non-Member $19.97

    WX2-7379 - Original Heavy - duty Stitcher Kit with Extra Needles and Thread
    Buyer's Club $22.47 Non-Member $24.97

    "Speedy Stitcher" is nowhere, so I wonder if "original" for a very cheap $9 is the "original" design badly knocked off, or the Speedy Stitcher. Can be aggravating, buying from SG.

    Streetgang, #44, would be a guide I'd trust, from his experience, but the the customer service rep at SG , and the text of the listing tells me that the cheap model is the one with the bobbin in front that looks like what Tandy sells. not the original Speedy Stitcher he himself recommends. Safer, I guess, to a retailer that shows the box. Nuts. I've got a coupon and though the rep says there's no label on any of them, I'm going for what I hope is not a clone.
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    Reading the description it would appear that the "original" is like the Tandy one and that the "Deluxe" is the one like the speedy stitcher. In the picture there the deluxe look almost exactly like the one I have. I think this is the site I bought mine from. I was surprised how fast I went through the waxed thread though. Then again maybe deciding to make a DIY molly mac pack was a silly idea anyway.

    Speedy Stitcher Awl $11

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    Hey all - unless I am mistaken - both styles are by Speedy Stitcher. I have them both, and prefer the bobbin in the handle. The original one I got years ago was by Speedy Stitcher, and had the exposed bobbin. That is why (I think) SG calls it "the Original". Anyway, both work very well.

    Btw, Tandy sells something very cool for marking perfectly spaced stitches. Very well made, too.

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    I love a speedy sticher

    I have used a speedy sticher for years, You can sew just about anything with it. There are a lotof choices for needles and thread to use in it.

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    Speedy stitchers are a great tool, Wouldn't be without one. If you want one for smaller work make an egg shaped handle out of hard wood, drill a hole in the small end, that is a tight fit for a sewing machine needle. Leave the thread on the spool it came on, thread the end through the needle, and push it through the material being sewn, and pull through enough thread for the seam like you would the regular stitcher. I seldom use the bobbin in the factory sticher, just let the thread spool lay in my lap and go for it. I always wax even smaller thread. Finish with a square not. If the thread is nylon melt the knot tails into the knot with a Bic lighter. The old sailors also used a hook or clamp arrangment to hold the pieces being sewn parallel with each other, with the seam edge up. This left both hands free for sewing and kept layers from creeping.
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