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    Side zip HH + cub vs. WBBB

    I've been lurking for quite awhile and have been waiting to buy me a hammock until after the holidays. I had every intentions of getting the WBBB, until I saw the website deal for the HH with a free cub and snake skins.

    I was wondering what the consensus opinions would be on the value of the two orders. I could get the HH Explorer, plus the 10x12 hex Rainfly, plus the free sidezip cub hammock, plus the snakeskins for both. Or I could get the WBBB only for roughly the same price. I know the WBBB seems more popular and the integrated footbox and shelf seems very worth while. I have a son who is nearly 4 and I think he would love the cub though, plus he's be able to use it for quite awhile.

    Any and all opinions would be appreciated. After just rading through the forum, I feel like I could tackle anything, now I just need to get the equipment to start.

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    The trend of hammock ownership of many on here began with a Hennessey and moved to a Blackbird.

    That was also true for me. I have a HH Explorer UL and it is my most used hammock. I also have a WBBB which I reall like but just don't use that often due to me being a creature of habit. I still use the HH Hex Fly at times too.

    Both my wife and son began with a HH and moved to a WBBB as have many that I hang with on here.

    Having said all of that. Since you have a younster who will hang with you, a 2 fer deal makes great sense. Especially since you will have the complete set up with rain fly makes me lean towards the HH deal for what you've described.

    If money is not an object go WBBB x 2 plus purchase tarps. If it does matter, get started with the HH idea you have.
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    For cost I'd say go with the HH deal especially since you are new. It'll get you into it, give you an option for your son and give you workable weather protection. Many who try hammocks end up upgrading and selling their older gear or using them as spares/loaners.

    I think eventually if you intend on hammock camping a lot you may want to upgrade to a bigger tarp but in the learning/trial phase it not a bad idea to invest a little at first to see if it's for you.
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    I own the HH Expedition and just recently purchased the WBBB. I actually considered purchasing another HH with the free cub for my 5 year old son. I would go with the WBBB and then check the forum for a used HH for your son. To be honest my son prefers the DIY hammock I have for him compared to my HH. He doesn't like to be coped in with the netting.

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