I got my two Incubator 0*s last night. I was #1105 from the Thanksgiving Sale. I asked if I was going to get them by my camping trip & I'm just amazed that they did exactly what they said they'd do. What outstanding C.S. from a cottage industry shop.

(Unfortunately, my snow camping trip with my daughter & her friend fell through, due to work.)

The UQs look outstanding and I'm definitely impressed. Beautiful stitching.

They will be much warmer than my two 3/4 length UQs. They have loops all along the length, just like I wanted, along with the draft collars on both ends. One in camo too!

I liked everything about dealing with Adam & Jenny. Quick response to emails, prompt service, excellent products & great prices. All of this in their busiest time of the year.

I can tell you that if I find myself needing some more UQs, they will be HammockGear!