I have a small 1/4" torso pad (blue) that I use as a sit pad and for a little insulation in the core area of my body in milder temps. It's very silmilar to what the GG pad is made of, but still has a slightly different feel. It looks like a WM CCF pad on the surface, but is very packable, probably do to the thin (1/4"0 thickness.

I got the Gossamer Gear pad because it was 1. cheap (about 20 shipped) 2. light and 3. designed specifically for insultion, not padding. It have tons of room when I'm on the pad, especially in the shoulder and knee area (I sleep in the fetal postion a lot). I think JRB uses the Thinlight pads in their new Pad Convertor system.

The pad is not slick but it is smooth. It has a kind of "satin" feel to it. In my limited tests it does not even attempt to slide around in the hammock. It's a totally different material than I am used to seeing in a CCF pad. The Wide/Long pad is geared toward hammock users as stated on the GG site:

For hammock users we now have 1/4" thick ThinLight pads. These pads are made from a little stiffer foam than the original ThinLights and are longer at 76".
I don't see the wide\long pad in the menu either. They may be out of them at the moment.

The first pad I got had some defects in it and GG replaced it without question. Great customer service. I asked if they were coming out with the 3/8" thick wide/long pad and I was told that you never know.....