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    cuben tarps - 1k vs 2k

    Has anyone had any experience with both the 1k and 2k spectra forms of cuben fibre? I'm really asking in the context of looking at the HG 4 Season Tarp

    I gather that even with the lighter 1k form of cuben that HG use, the break strength is higher than that of silnylon - would that be right? Or would it be worth looking at finding a 2k tarp?

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    I've been subjecting my first DIY cuben tarp to all kinds of abuse for well over a year now, and I think the dyneema fibers in it are totally unaffected - it's very strong. Now this is a CT.6K.08 tarp, lighter than 1K. Where I have seen some wear is not in the fibers, but in the polyester laminate that encloses them. I put packing tape on this tarp and then removed it, which left some pinholes that I had to patch. I took it to the beach (harsh environment), and also poked a hole in it with a ski pole at Mt Rogers. All these were fixed easily with DIY cuben tape.

    When I ordered more CTF3 (cuben) I chose CT1K.18, wanting a thicker polyester coating. I got the 1K dyneema fibers so I could make hammocks with it if I wished. (Haven't done that yet.) I'm not sure that was necessary. I don't have much experience with the new stuff yet, because the old .6K is going strong, and I haven't had time to make the next generation of tarps (and other things). I haven't looked ahead to trying CT2K.xx, and may never do so.

    That's my experience. To me it suggests that 1K is plenty strong enough, compared to 2K, but that's clearly an inference, not a conclusion.

    I'd suggest you get information from as many people as you can, because I doubt that any of us has experience with the full range of Cubic Tech products. Look into the .18 polyester laminates, too. (Warning: SWAG alert. )

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