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Many folks use rope between the hammock and the cinch buckle and you need a prussic here. Straps are on the tree side of the buckle.

Now I知 really confused. I thought a prussic knot was nothing more than a circle of rope that is looped (3 times) around a larger diameter rope, and can be slid along its length, both ways, but will grab when pulled under pressure.

I use this loop on a stationary vertical rope that is along a tree trunk while climbing and descending from tree stands for archery season. A biner through the prussic loop allows us to have our safety harness follow us up and down, yet will hold if we fall.

I知 not seeing a prussic knot in the pictured set up. Is there a difference between a prussic knot and a prussic loop?

Help me, help me, I知 loosing my mind!