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    What length of shock-cord for DIY underquilt?

    I have been using a diy underquilt made from a sleeping bag for quite a while now. It has been attached along the edge of the hammock by way of small ties. Three on each side. The ends are attached both to the ridgeline, and tied ends with regular rope/cord. (small caribiners with the cord through them, and taughtline hitched to be slid around for adjustment on the ends. Ridgeline small caribiners prussiked to allow adjustment there) I have finally found shock cord to run down the sides. (head to foot as your in the hammock) How does one get the correct length to make the cords? Tensed but not stretched, measured while a third stretched? I don't want the UQ so tight that it looks like my head is the one pea popping out of the pod, and of course don't want it flopping around. So. How does one measure to provide snugness around the hammock while allowing a little movement?

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    I make my UQ about 53" long and use 5' of 1/8" shock cord in the side channels. That is measured while in the "relaxed" state. Zing-it (1.75mm) goes from the end of the shock cord to the hammock end knot.

    So, if you lay the UQ down, you wil just see the ends of the shock cord tied with an Albright knot to the Zing-it. When the UQ is suspended on the hammock, you'll see a lot more of the shock cord. I have a picture of all this in my gallery showing my winter UQ.
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