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The fact is hammocks straps or not will do no more damage than mother nature. But it is a conceived damage by those not in the know so we have to use straps. It is funny here in Georgia. State parks don't usually care if you use straps. And those same parks don't care if you drive a nail in a tree. Then there are all the wildlife management areas and national forests where we are also told to use straps while deer hunters are allowed to climb trees using portable stands that tear bark completely off.
Right. Climbing stands cause far more visible damage to trees than hanging a rope. Not to mention deer, bears and such mark and rub trees that tear bark off. Its my believe that hammock suspension isn't hurting the tree. Most trees are very resilient and these marks are superficial. The tree straps are more for the benefit of hangers who are trying to set a good example and become more accepted as a nature friendly option. Shortly said - tree huggers are really for people, not trees.

That's my opinion at least. And I do agree that tree huggers are probably the best option and that it is important to make a good name for ourselves. Right now I'm trying out amsteel with fish tubing to see how that works. I saw someone post a combination of webbing and amsteel which I thought was smart. That way you have tree protection in combo with a variety of tree diameters to hang from, and some weight savings.