This is my attempt at an IX underquilt and weathershield for my bridge hammock. I decided to use the uq plans from the sticky in this forum, but modified it to go the entire length of the hammock. It uses 2-layers of IX instead of 3. I also made a detachable weathershield that covers 95% of the bug net on top. Here they are together:

My main goal was to extend the temp of my setup using my NeoAir pad. I like how the pad widens the hammock, but was worried about the pad's ability to maintain warmth in a hammock at lower temperatures, or when there is cold wind. The uq can surround the entire pad and provides a windbreak on all sides. I was quite comfy outside today at a breezy 34 degs.

Here are some more images:

As you can see, the weathershield does not cover the entire bug net. I could have made it to, but it would've required some additional work, and I wanted some venting anyway to avoid condensation build-up. My main goals with the weathershield were to keep the interior a few degs higher than outside and to reduce drafts. It was a little breezy and chilly outside today, and I was happy to see that the weathershield did, in fact, keep most of the breezes off of me and it seemed to be warmer inside than without it. I have a little bit more IX, and might create an insert to put between the rip stop and bug net for additional insulation, if needed someday.

Overall, I am happy with my first "big" diy project. If I were to make another IX uq like this one, I would deviate a little more from the stickied plans - I would make a greater width variation between the layers to ensure a gap. As mine is right now (built according to the plans), there seems to be no gap between the layers when I am in the hammock. I realize that the stickied plans are for a regular hammock, and that by deviating from them I maybe should have done some things differently to maintain a good gap and maximize the IX insulation. Regardless, I am pretty sure it will still do enough to help keep some warmth in & cold out, so I think this was an educational & successful first project.

2-layer IX UQ - 13.2 oz
Weathershield - 5.1 oz