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    There is not a comment above that I disagree with and there are good reasons for either style.

    My wife loves her side entry WBBB. My go to hammock is a HH Expl UL with a 2QZQ zipper and slit still functional. I also love the simple, netting free top loaders. Yep, personal preference is the biggie.

    The best recommendation would be to go to a group hang, like the one coming up at Cado Lake State Park in North East Texas, and try several to see what you like.

    Another option is to find hangers closer to home and sample before you buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Jeff View Post
    Just preference, really. My wife says that HH-style entry is easier to get in and out. It doesn't make any difference to me, other than the HH velcro snagging on fleece pants.

    One benefit of the HH entry is that you can hang the tarp really low to the hammock, and not worry about it touching your back (condensation) when you get out.

    All in all, I prefer top entry hammocks (same as side entry). Easier to cook from my hammock, get to my backpack without getting out, etc.
    +1 all of that. Me, I can go either way regarding this, as far as entry/exit I don't care. But I do still greatly prefer being able to reach out of the hammock once I am in. That's the great advantage of a side zip to me.

    There is a safety factor in favor of the bottom entry also. I would go that route, maybe, giving a hammock to children or any one at higher risk of falling. Falling out while trying to get in is nearly impossible with the bottom entry. While quite unlikely with side entry, it is definitely possible.

    So, either way when in the field. But if you use a Vario hammock stand, the BE really stinks on ice.

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    One benefit of the HH entry is that you can hang the tarp really low to the hammock, and not worry about it touching your back (condensation) when you get out.
    I wanted to reiterate this's something to consider.

    I use the HH Explorer Deluxe bottom entry...just this week sent it off for the 2QZQ Mod 4.

    I've noted how close to the hammock I can pitch the tarp in bad weather...and get in/out without brushing the tarp at all. Also like how few mosquitos ever seem to follow me in the bottom entry.

    Now...the ability to reach in/out of the hammock through the side zip...also darned useful I'm convinced...hence why I paid for the mod.

    Advantages to both worlds, IMHO...again why I went the route I did. Others may have had different experiences.

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