Anybody want to hang in the Pine Barrens 12/29-30? I'm really getting to like the Pine Barrens 'cause it's flat, beautiful, and plenty of water. And it's piney!

I'm gonna drop my car at Batona Camp on 12/29 and hike south to Lower Forge (6 miles) or Mullica River (7.5 miles) Wilderness Camp. It's a stretch of trail I've been wanting to check out.

On 12/30 I'm gonna hike back north to Batona Camp and overnight. My three kids, 20, 18 & 12 years old, may drive down and join me at Batona, but I seriously doubt it. Probably going to knock out a day hike to Apple Pie Hill on 12/31 before heading home.

KYBob has said he's coming. I'm bringing extra Amsteel and KY Jelly so he can demonstrate his unique way of making whoopie slings.

All are welcome!