Forgive me if this has been done to death but I have been thinking of making a UQ out of fleece and was wondering what the thoughts were.

First a few notes about me and my methods that lead me to this. These may change your ideas.

1. I consider myself a bushcrafter and hump a 50+ pound pak filled with knives and other misc junk into the woods. I'm not concerned about the ultra-light stuff. In fact, in the winter I'm more likely to be pulling my load in a pulk/sled less than a mile so weight is even less of a concern.

2. I work at a non-profit spay/neuter clinic where donations of blankets are a regular occurrence. I end up taking loads to Goodwill sometimes. Fleece blankets are in abundance for me if/when I need them.

3. I prefer the thrill of making something and I have more time than money so I'm more likely to make and remake stuff a hell of a lot more than shelling out the cash.

Here's what I'm thinking; two or three layers of fleece blanket with maybe a layer of wool that I have on hand. I'm imagining it quilted in say 4x4 or 6x6 squares so that it stays together. How well do you guys think that will work, as far as temp rating that is, as a UQ.

I have a reflectix auto shade pad that I will likely be using as well as a 0* mummy bag that I'd prefer to use more like an OQ. A chinook tarp will likely serve as shelter. I'm expecting an ambient temp of 20*.