Oware doesn't get a lot of air time on this forum for some reason. Even though they carry fabric and tarps. I think it is because they are primarily focused on the ground dwellers with most of their product offerings.

Oware had a recent deal I couldn't pass up on its fabric. I noticed they have an awesome deal on their coyote brown 70d Ripstop nylon for $2-3 a yard, depending on how much you order.

I didn't know why it was so cheap, but for that price I couldn't pass it up. I was extremely pleased with what I received, it looks like awesome fabric with no flaws I could detect.

On top of what I ordered, he added a note that he added some extra, and by extra I mean a lot of extra, including multiple yards of other ripstop fabrics he had on hand. It was like winning the Christmas jackpot.

It is not ultralight fabric, but it is what I like for making single layer hammocks.

Here is the product description:

Ripstop Nylon, 70 denier, Uncoated with a Durable Water Repellant Finish, 58" wide, Sold by the linear yard, Aprox weight 1.9 ounces per yard squared Coyote Brown


He has definitely won my future business. Time for me to get back to the sewing machine.....got lots and lots of hammocks to make.

I am not affiliated with Oware or David Olsen, just a very happy customer.