Seriously good. I just started looking, so I know nothing. My son in the AF recommends a HH, because that's what he has, and he likes it. But the Claytor appeals to me more. I can get camo/camo; this appeals to me very much. I'll be using it in the south; it seems to be quite usable in hot, humid, rainy situations. I'm not too worried about the stock rigging issues I've read about here, that should be a piece of cake to sort out.

Hey, it would be my first hammock. I see there are some members here who have several flavors of hammocks, and regard their Claytor JH's highly.

So, I guess my question is, is there really any significant benefit in agitating over the decision of what hammock to start with, or should I just pull the trigger and order a Claytor just cause it appeals to me, and start hanging in it and tweaking it till it satisfies me?