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    Added the snake skins, then pulled everything down and took some weights, just 'cause this curious mind wanted to know. Weights were taken with a legal for trade scale.

    Results are skewed high because the tarp is wet (with no chance to dry out today), but that makes the trail weight a bit more realistic in my opinion. I didn't weigh the webbing that I used for tree straps as it is temporary and overly long.

    36.46 oz: Hammock and whoopie slings in snake skins, with a length of 550 cord inside to be an internal ridge line

    1.16 oz: 2 ea 16" spreaders made from flooring tongue (not required, could easily make on trail)

    21.04 oz: Tarp

    2.34 oz: roughly 35' of 550 cord for tarp ridge line with 2 ea 550 cord ridge line loops and S-biners

    0.38 oz: 2 ea toggles

    1.04 oz: 2 ea guy lines for tarp

    1 oz: 2 ea aluminum stakes for tarp

    Total weight 64.84 oz (4.052 lb)

    For a comparison, I weighed my son's HH rig, it came in at 57.34 oz (3.583 lbs) dry.

    The biggest contributor to the difference between the two hammocks is likely the double bottom on the Claytor, with the wetness of the tarp making a significant but smaller contribution. I'll weigh everything again sometime when all is dry.
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