Well I was calling around to local fabric stores and found one that is a mom and pop fabric store and she said she had two new rolls of ripstop nylon not sure on the weight yet and she would sell me one or both 41 yard rolls at 1.00 a yard! So thats two rolls 82 yards for $82.00 !!! The colors are royal or navy blue and lime green so im not sure as to how poppular the lime green would be.

I was planning on selling some of this to try and make a buck or two per yard not sure yet but I dont know what I would do with 82 yards lol So I figured ebay or something. This is not seconds it is top quality she said as I asked her if it was seconds and she said no.

As I said im not sure if it is 1.1 or 1.9 but I will find out tonight when I go pick one or both rolls up.

Any thing I should look out for or stray away from as far as weight or anything else?

What do you guys think the poppularity factor would be with lime green?

Any way sounds like a great find and I hope to spread the wealth to some guys looking for ripstop at a good price.