I spent the three nights of the Christmas weekend in my new Clark NX-200. My other hammock is a WBBB. This was my first time ever sleeping in the Clark, so I thought I would give you my impressions and comparison with the BB.

Suspension: I took one look at the stock Clark Suspension and scrapped the whole thing with a custom WS and strap suspension with an adjustable external ridgeline all connected with Dutchware. I wanted the Ridgeline so that I can use other tarps and still have a way to hold up the bug net. I also like the idea of dialing in the length to achieve that perfect lay every time and without the fiddle factor. This new suspension saves 5oz of weight. I'll do a video on this mod soon.

Side Sleeping: I'm a side sleeper and found it extremely easy to switch sides and to quickly find the sweet spot in the Clark. I do the same in the BB, but I can't switch sides and find the sweet spot as quickly. I like the lay in both, but feel that the Clark may be a little more comfortable than the BB.

Features: In my BB, I normally throw all my loose stuff into the shelf before entering and then organize it after I'm inside. Without the shelf in the Clark, I didn't have a good place to stage my gear and everything wound up under my back. The 2 pockets in the Clark are very small and have a limited use. On the other hand, the pockets on the outside of the Clark are huge. I need to get accustomed to using them. The Clark has a built in weather shield that I used. It helped hold in the heat, but not the condensation. I have a Bear Burrito Oven for my BB that does the same thing. The BB is great, but having it built in like a bug net is a nice feature. It also stows away in a built in pocket. Funny, but there was no place to store the unused bug net. So, I added a Peak Bag from 2QZQ at the foot end. Also with no internal RL, I had no good place to hang my glasses and head lamp.

Tarp: The Clark came with their XL tarp. The tarp has an unusual shape and is designed to hold up the bug net. It seem to me to be about the right size for a 3 season tarp and only weights 8.5 oz. Since I swapped out the suspension, I'm planning to use my SF with it for winter adventures.

The Bottom Line: Experimenting with different type of gear is what this sport is all about. The Clark Jungle Hammocks and the Warbonnet Black Birds are both excellent hammocks and I'm happy that I now have one of each. In general I like the Clark and believe that with additional experience with it, I will grow to love it like I do my BB.

Question: What do you Clark guys do with your glasses?