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    Hi L84toff,
    There are a lot of swftmud lands that hve overnight camping, Like Green swamp. Camping is free. Only requirement is getting approval premission to reserve the site. Just north of Green Swamp is Richloam near Brooksville which is about an hour away from CLW/ST Pete. There is also Starkey wilderness park in Pasco county that is about a hour drive away. I have slept in a hammock at Fort Desoto Park, but put the hammock up right berfore sleeping time cause they have a rule about hanging rope on trees. Its loosley enforced but its still a rule. Here is a link to the swftmud camping site. Hope your trip to our state is a fun and enjoyable one!

    Also check for hunting in the area. I think the link is If that doesn't work. go to and it will have a link to the FWC site.
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