I may have the opportunity to go with our Boy Scout Troop to Camp Betz in Berrien Springs, MI near the end of February.

Does anyone have any experience with this camp? Any problems with hammocking?

I’m unfamiliar with southern Michigan in late February. Any guess to weather to expect? I’m hoping to have a 20* TQ/UQ Burrow/Incubator set, a hammock with a “weather shield” & a Wilderness Logics Old Man Winter tarp by then. I also have a 30* AHE Jarbridge UQ that I could possibly slip in-between the hammock and the down UQ if needed.

So far my experience with cold weather in a hammock has been about 27* using an ENO DN, Gargoyle Mega Ogee (with ends open), 20* mummy bag (as TQ), 30* Jarbridge UQ, Thermarest sit pad (under feet) & Nalgene bottle of hot water while wearing wool socks, polar weight long johns & an UA beanie.

I’m not sure if this outing will even work into my schedule yet but I’m trying to make sure if it does, that I’ll “Be Prepared”.

Thanks in advance for your help/info/advice!

Yours in Scouting,
Kirk Harrington