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to answer your question I would say yes to it you would have about 9 or 10 inch's left at foot end and that wouldn't be with you head crammed up in the head end.

Edit: after thinking about this question I went back to an email I had and found it. The inside length of the N/A is 98 inch's that leave's you with what 23 inch's hope that helps.

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I'm 6'2 1/2 215lbs I have no problem plenty of room I think
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If cost is not an issue I would go with the NX-200 If you see above your post there was someone else that asked the same question and you see the answers to it. I have both the NA and the NX and I like the NX for the length and the newer type material.
If your 6' 3" tall I think that you would have enough room. It sounded like you might not want to spend the extra money for the NX-200 so I quoted what I thought might help you if you look at the Edit it say's that there is 98 inchs inside of the hammock and that seems to be fine with others on here and other forums.

I would get the NX-200 because I like the extra room that it offers and the newer style material that is being used in it.