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    And another question I just thought of...since weight and bulk ARE a concern, would I be better off to go with a lighter weight climashield sandwiched between some IX? There is just SO much information on this forum and my experience is basically nil, so it's hard to put it all together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8Crow View Post
    I was re-reading the posts here and it made me think of a question. On the OWF website, they say the Climashield HL 11.7 has 2-3.5" of loft. Is that stuff going to be a nightmare to sew b/c it's so thick? I guess you sewed your 6 & 3 oz together so maybe it's not not so bad?
    I wouldn't say it's a nightmare, it just takes more care and attention as things are feeding through. When I did mine, I sewed the 6oz. to one side, and the 3oz. to the other, then sewed the shells together, so I never had to fight the two layers of insulation at the same time before they were stabilized by the shell.
    As far as compressibility, Primaloft is much more compressible than CS. My 5F Primaloft UQ is about the same size, compressed, as my 30F CS UQ. Also, for what it's worth, CS requires more loft to get to the same temp as PL.

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