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    Thumbs up Flame Throwers, Jarbridge, Owyhee.....

    So my wife got me an Owyhee top quilt for Christmas. I picked up a Jardridge River UQ during Paul's 2nd anniversary sale and some Flame Thrower socks with an extra ounce of down during the Halloween sale. In addition, I'm using Paul's whoopie slings and ridgelines on all my hammocks.

    I finally got to try out the socks and UQ/TQ pair last night out in the back yard in my Grand Trunk double. I used a short piece of CCF under the Owyhee's foot box. It started raining about 11:00 pm just as I crawled in the sack and was still raining and spitting snow this morning when I came in. Temps got down to about 35 degrees. I was sleeping under a Kelty Noah 12 set up in semi-storm mode with the west end closed up.

    Slept extremely warm all night and I'm hoping for temps down in the mid-20s in the next week to give it another test. I don't necessarily want to get in the sub-zero club, but I'd like a good reliable setup for camping in the 20s and 30s and I think this one will be excellent for that.

    Kudos to Paul and his gear!


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    Glad you had a great night out with the gear Scubacat.
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    You've got a great setup there, ready for some snow hangin' for sure! Post some pics. Those of us that are office bound at present really enjoy a few pics of hammocks in action.

    How'd you like the Flamethrower socks? I have a pair for my dad, my wife, and myself and just order a set of the flamethrower Super Socks Paul is now making. Keeping the feet warm is oh so nice when it's snowing out!!

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