Not sure where this thread should go, since it wasn't a trip, just a back yard trial. Two nights ago I wanted to test out some of my gear in the chilly weather. My Clark NX-250 was equipped with the Z-Liner and an Arrowhead New River full length underquilt and Owyhee 3 season top quilt. I selpt with the weathershield zipped up completely. I opted to use my Warbonnet Superfly with doors, which I had pitched with the bottom about 8 or 10 inches above the ground and the doors completely closed. I wore a set of synthetic mid-weight drawers, mid-weight smart wool socks, light weight smart wool undershirt and light fleece pull over with a smart wool watch cap covering my bony little head. The temp got down to 16 or 18 degrees (which thermometer do you believe?). My torso was too hot, my feet and legs very comfortable, and just barely a hint of MAYBE a chilly buttocks for a bit. It was a very good night. Last night it was 45 F. with an increasing wind. I slept (?) wearing the fleece pull over and a pair of light sweat pants. I also happened to put on a heavy pair of rag wool socks, and my feet got cool, though not cold. I have no idea why. By 2:00 am the wind was blowing 35 mph and gusting to 55. Not much sleeping going on but it sure was comfortable and cozy. About 5:00 the temp took a nose dive and by 6:00 it was 31 degrees and dropping. I could really feel the wind sucking away the warmth, but I did not get cold. I was really impressed with the ability of the Super Fly to resist the wind and swirling gusts. I did lose one corner because I had wrapped the guy line around a rock but not very securely. A quick fix and everything performed beautifully the rest of the night. That's the end of my report, my only interest in posting it is to give everyone an idea of the equipment I used and the results I got.