For Christmas I got my Son and Myself a Grand Trunks Traveler hammock. Finished the setup with webbing and a carabiner for the suspension, 3mm cord for my tarp ridgeline and the blue tarp from Walmart.

We took a trip out to Lake Georgetown since it was nice and close. Wanted a car camping area since this was our first hang and wanted the option of finishing the night in the truck if we needed to. Got to the campground and had lots of great sites to choose from. Only one other person at the campground. Lots of trees so hanging was not going to be an issue.

We setup the hammocks and it was pretty simple with the webbing and carabiners to get attached to the trees. Used a marlin hitch to create a spot to attach the loop from the hammock. Hung the 3mm line with a carabinder figure nine for tension then placed the tarps up in "porch mode". We had them both setup next to each other so made it nice and open.

Used the blue closed foam pads we have and our sleeping bags. It got to about 36 overnight but we were both warm. I had some issues with my hammock and had to try and shift around in the early morning but even with that I slept better then I have on the ground in years!

I have learned a few things from this trip.
1) The Grand Trunks Traveler is ok size for my Son who is under 5 feet but for me at 5'11" and 210 lbs it is just too small to work effectively. Going to move up to a ENO Double Nest.

2) I hung my hammock about 1 foot too low and with not enough sag to lay as diagonally as I would have liked.

3) Webbing and a marlin hitch makes for a simple connection but does not offer nearly enough options for adjustment. Need to upgrade to decender rings or whoopie slings. This is on my list for purchase soon.

4) The 3mm cord I got from REI was perfect for the ridgeline. Used a single carabinder figure nine and it makes it very simple to get a nice tight line. May add a second figure nine to improve the setup.

5) The 8x10 blue tarp does the job but is loud and will need to be replaced before I go hiking with it. Just too big to be carrying.

6) Bought a pack of figure nine tent lines for 10 bucks and loved them for the tarp. Four figure nines each with 8 feet of the reflective tentline for 10 bucks at REI. Great deal.

7) Most importantly not going to lay on the ground again unless I absolutely have to.