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    Needle Gummed After Sewing Coated Nylon

    Making my first tarp from coated nylon. After stitching the two halves, the needle became gummed. Is this to be expected? Any way to prevent? I cleaned with Mineral Spirits; other advice? Thanks.


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    PU coated nylon will gum up the works big time. It helps to use very new fabric. PU coatings get gummy as they get older. So if this is a recycled fabric project just keep diligent about keeping the needle clean and sharp. If it brand new fabric you have few options that I know of. Use as small a needle as you can get away with. Otherwise, grin and bear it. It's part of the charm of DIY with PU coated nylon.
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    I always start each new project with a brand new needle. It's pretty gummed up by the time I finish that project. I like a size 9 or 10 but will use larger if I'm out of those sizes.

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