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    From the videos I've seen of that floating bed, it doesn't seem to be a problem sleeping side by side. I think the metal ring makes the whole thing less like a hammock, and more like a really rigid trampoline. Apparently, you can adjust the tension of the netting to your liking. But then one wonders...does one get the same benefits that one gets from a hammock?

    The floating bed at least is still available. I guess I'll schedule a trip out to Los Angeles soon with my wife, and stay at one of the bed and breakfasts that have one of these. I'll be sure to report back on how it feels

    I guess this whole bed and breakfast thing is good for another reason. Surely, they've had so many guests sleep on their floating bed that we'll have a good indication of how well it ages/wear&tears.

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    In a hammock. Duh!
    I came here to post about the Floating Bed ( ) that I just saw at a Casino/Hotel.


    I have a hammock stand in my room, but it's really only good with a spreader bar / bridge hammock. And it's certainly no good for anybody else who's near me, as I'm the only one who can fit in my solo hammock.


    This thing is a party on a hammock. I will not be paying $4,000 to make one, because I can make one with less than a few hundred dineros, I'm sure. But the design is one that I will be ripping off... for educational purposes, of course.

    You cannot die until you have been in a floating bed.
    Better than hammocks.

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