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Pretty expensive shipping to get that hammock to Norway... Ah well.

FWIW, I have a HH Ultralight Backpacker. I am 6', 170lb. I also use the stock fly and the supershelter. In fact, used the supershelter last week in 30F temps and it worked fine. I had no issues with the mylar noise- it was not as quiet as the plain nylon fabric, but not bad at all. I was kind of surprised how well the supershelter performed, better than I expected. If I had to do it all over again, I would probably have bought the larger 30D hex fly. The asym diamond-shaped fly is just a wee bit too small.

I am trying to decide whether to upgrade to the larger Hennessy hex fly, or get a larger fly with 'doors', although I guess Hennessy is selling this also called the "Monsoon" and "Typhoon". Has anyone tried out the HH rainflys with doors?
No doors but have fashioned temporary "grizz beaks" out of a 3 Mil Trash bag, a mil spec syl nylon tarp, and little clips and some 550 cord twice. Works ok in a pinch. I use a BMJ from WB though, i would say go to 2qzq for tarp doors.