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I was going to fabricate a condensation shield similar to Shugs, but I just had an epiphany:

Take one old wicking T-shirt (or a really cheap one from China Mart). Cut from the hem, up each side (along the underarm seams) to the shoulders. Cut around the front of the arms, across the shoulders, in back of the knit collar hole. Discard the back, or use it as a hankie.

What you should have left is a knit neck hole and the front of the shirt. Through the hem of the shirt slide a section of 1/8" polypropylene tube - the stiff but flexy stuff. Melt a small hole in the center of the hem for a light shock cord to pass through and tie to the poly tubing.

Stick your head through the neck hole. Attach the shock cord to the interior ridgeline and adjust as needed. The tube acts as a batten to give the device some shape to reduce the humid exhaled air from condensing on your TQ.

Yes, I know. Pictures would have been better. I will post some when I construct it.