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    MYOG Hammock Mod Questions

    Ok so I've got my gorgeous little blue hammock all made and working great, but now as I'm sure many have done before me, I thinking about some modifications to make my little slice of heaven that much better and who better to ask than you, my venerable and wise diyers!

    To start, my hammock is 9'x5' and I am 5'3". My feet lay perfectly and though I have some extra material past them, it doesn't affect my comfort though I'm thinking that a stretchy side mod with some bungee cord might be nice to help keep the TQ in. But my head is another issue. no matter how I try it always seems to fall back and end up sectioned off in its own little mini hammock. This is actually fairly nice, right up to the point that it starts cutting the circulation to my brain off. When I reach up and gather the excess side material up, it fixes the issue. So my ideas were either I need to cut some width off my hammock or the same stretchy side mod I'm thinking about for the foot end would work on my head end? Either that or I'm laying very poorly.

    My other mod is really more of a redesign that I'm extremely nervous about if it doesn't work. I have been playing with my adjustable ridgeline for the last few days and feel that 80" is more comfortable than I thought and while I loved the really flat lay of the 100" I was using before, the 80" allows me to use a smaller tarp while also giving me a flat enough lay but with just enough curve that if my feet are really swollen I can prop them up or if I'm having issues with allergies or the like I can prop my head up. With that being set, I'm wondering if 9ft long might be a bit long since I have to set my tree huggers really high for my height to keep my butt off the ground too. I'm really worried though because the 7' mock up I made seemed really short, but now I wonder if that was my inexperience not the length.

    Suggestions, ideas, and criticism all welcome!

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    The stretchy side mod is for the head and foot ends. I have them on the hammock I just made and it works great.


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    Go ahead and add bungees to both sides. Another thing that will help your head is a small down pillow. Using one seems to give me a wider range of comfortable lying positions. Some people use crescent shaped neck pillows.

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    How are the ends gathered on the hammock?

    If they are whipped, you can pull a few inches of the edge out on the head side to change the lay and get rid of the "head pocket" done by Just Jeff.

    You can also experiment with hammock length by moving the whipping in to shorten it. If you have gathered the ends by looping a cord through the end channels, you can just whip in instead to see how changes effect the lay.

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