So I finally made my decision, Minicel, and then placed my order for 4 full sheets of 1/4" minicel at FoamExpress1. They emailed me shipping costs, which was $28, total for order was $83.40. I then shopped around at the other foam places and couldn't beat that price. I canceled the order

Not the best choice, and certainly not what I really wanted....but I called a military surplus store and they had 5 sleep pads for $7.95 each. I went and picked those up. I should have enough to make 3 SPE. I also won an Eddie Bauer down converter on ebay. I should be able to make 2 UQ for our hang coming up this weekend, just to make do....and later harvesting the down to make the UQ out of the right material, getting rid of the cotton outer on the comforter.

Am I a bit disappointed? Yes, a little on the pads. But it has actually worked out better. There were two major purchases I wanted to get this month. Pads for my son and I and a Nesco 700 watt dehydrator. The way all of this worked out, I am able to get both, plus got the bonus of winning the down comforter, and the bonus of making an extra SPE out of the military pads, all for under $100.

I just wont have the dehydrator in time to play with before the hang coming up next weekend But at least I'll have it