Hey Guys!

I am starting a 3 day Annual Hammock Hang and would love for everyone to join me. Here are the details:

Feb. 18-20, 2012

The trip will take place at Congaree National Park off of the River Trail. Here are the tentative plans:

Day 1 – Hike down to the Congaree River from Harry Hampton Visitor Center. Set up camp (hammock) right off the Congaree River. Given the remaining available daylight, possibly explore as much of the surrounding area as possible. I may even plan to do some back-country hiking a mile or so off trail into the Congaree Wilderness for fun.

Day 2 – This day is pretty much open to anything. But after an awesome breakfast, I plan on fishing all day long on the Congaree River. I would start fishing a dawn and stop about 2:30pm. That way we would have plenty of time to clean, cook and enjoy the taste of a hard day’s work of fishing.

Day 3 – I plan on enjoying the last day in the swamp. This can be done in anyway wanted(fishing, park trail hiking, back-country exploring, lounging from the hammock, etc). Most of us will just be lounging in the hammocks til about noon or 1pm (ish). At that point, we will pack up camp and say goodbye to the “Congaree River Swamp God” as we hike back to Harry Hampton Visitor Center to end the trip.

Remember that this is just my preliminary Plans for the trip. If anyone has opinions or options on other activities during or for the event, please interject. I would like this to become a yearly event for me during Presidents Day Weekend. I am hoping there is enough interest in this to make it fun for all us Hammock Hangers!!!

For more information on the trails of the Congaree National Park - http://www.nps.gov/cong/planyourvisit/loader.cfm?csModule=security/getfile&PageID=308199