Turns out I wasn't the only HF member out there the night of the 29th! I took my new Surly Troll out for its first night of bike camping and had some fun riding around the woods, although about 40% of the dirt roads are actually sand - fatbike terrain, too much even for the Troll. I ended up camping near Goshen Pond, a little ways away from those guys. Got a warning for camping without a permit, although it was more for the campsite being closed since when I asked the ranger where I could get a permit he told me it was "no big deal."

The puddles left after the recent rain made biking even tougher - lots of getting off and walking - and although I tried picking out trails that were covered in pine needles, pretty much every path alternated between rideable and not.

I was warm enough in the low 30s weather at night, but my eternal problem of cold feet persisted no matter how warm my core was. I need to find a solution for that...I did get to hang up my Wilderness Logics tarp, a Christmas present from Mom (thanks Mom!) which was nice.

Some pictures for your enjoyment.

My campsite.

The Skeeter Beeter and WL Tad Pole in action. Bugnet deployed in hopes of trapping an extra degree or so of heat - plus I just kind of like having something surrounding me.

The Troll on a sandy path.

Bonus picture - I threw a New Year's Eve party and a few friends slept over. We went down to recover from our hangovers behind the Art Museum in Fairmount Park and I took two Skeeter Beeters to let them try.