Hey guys I finally have some cash spare after chrissie to buy a hammock setup, I know quite a bit about them after some previous posts however I know theres some guys and gals out there that are on another level.
For the main hammock its become a tossup between the Warbonnet blackbird double layer 1.1 or the Hennessy Explorer Ultralite. Now Im not aiming for this to be an ultralite setup, rather a comfortable and easy to use well thought out setup that i can just relax in after a long day of hiking. I am quite set on the Hennessy hex tarp in polyester rather than silnylon as it is only 120 grams more but is much cheaper and wont stretch which is important to me, I wanted the hex shape as I would appreciate the ability to still move around in rain and cook underneath whilst being in a sheltered environment.

The Hennessy is slightly more expensive however you get the tarp with it and they have a promotion at the moment where you get a free small hammock and two sets of snake skins. I like the side foot box of the warbonnet but I wont let it be a deal breaker or maker as i dont mind too much, does anyone with experience think it makes too much difference?

Im also wondering about all the customisable's such as the suspension system the tarp ridge line and so on. I know whoopie slings are meant to be the bees knees but i still cant figure out how they work, im also looking at the triglide setup from Jacks are better, http://www.jacksrbetter.com/Strap%20Set.htm for suspension. Other things im looking at include a continuos ridge line and some dutch clips to just simplify the setup.

My main concerns are comfort and just being able to walk into camp in rain pull out the tarp chuck that up then get the hammock up in snake skins whilst cooking up a brew while the tent noobs get all wet and confined to their tents.