Mentioned here about the possibility of a Houston Area Hang to help out the noobs (including myslef) figure all this out, and checking for interest and possible dates and suggested sites.

I propose to call this HHHNGNGHHH (Pronounced HHHHNG-NGHHH) or "Houston Hangers Helping New Guys N Gals Hang Happily Hang."

OK. So I'm neither a poet or a publicist.

I'm most familiar with Brazos Bend, and would suggest it as best suited for this kind of thing. It is a relatively small park but it has about 30 miles of trails, is easily accessible, has one camping area that's pretty secluded, and is close enough to a pizza place that one can wimp out if one wants to.

I've called the park and they say that hanging is allowed in the park, and the ranger seemed enthusiastic about it. There are two primitive camping areas, and two entrances to the park. The most remote primitive site is in the Equestrian trail part of the park up in the northeast corner. Another pri itve area is in the Red Buckey camp loop:

We would be allowed to park at either of the sites and hike to one of the others, or in one of the large parking areas in the park.

My suggestion would be to park and meet at one of the larger lots and hie to the Equestrian area for an overnight and some instruction/familiarization/point and laugh sessions for the noobs (like me). We could shuttle and stage some cars in the camping area for supplies/comfort/geez I need the tent because I screwed up kind of thing.

The Equestrian site has 19 campsites with 8 people and two cars per site max. If we have somewhere around 30 people, we can reserve the whole thing with a month's notice. Cost is $12.00 per night with a $7 per day per vehicle entrance fee.

Whaddaya think?