I tried the WBBB and was never totally satisfied with it, it is well made, and has great features, but ultimately not the hammock for me. The Hennessy was not either. The pros for the BB were the adjustable webbing, and the shelf. The cons for the BB were I could not get a comfortable lay with out elevating my feet so high that I could not keep them warm. The pros for the HH were I always had a comfortable lay. The cons for the HH were no shelf, and the suspension. After much thought, and experimenting I do believe I found my solution. I switched the stock HH suspension to the WB adjustable webbing, which left the lack of shelf. I take a fair amount of stuff in the hammock especially when it is below 40. One night while wrestling with said stuff I was fed up and going to put it out side the hammock, and try the WB again. As I unzipped the net and separated the under cover from the top cover, it hit me. I stuffed the extra gear in the under cover, and later retrieved it as needed After several more nights of this I have traded my WB hammocks off, and now I am quite happy with my setups. I just thought I would share my results, and do not wish to start another HH/WB debate, merely share my findings. I also do not have the condensation issues that some have with the SS either.