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Not sure if this will take off or not, but anybody else ever drive down the road trying to decipher personalized plates? I know some are more self-explanatory than others, but I catch myself wondering all the time what people's screen-names here on HF mean to them, so, I'll start:

body942: It's my employee ID number, we call them "body" numbers. I was/am the 942nd employee since the institution of the process. Almost guaranteed to be unused elsewhere on the internet.

Happy New Year! If nobody else posts, I'll just keep reposting my entry.
"CHIGGER" has been my nickname for longer than I can remember. My older brother's buddies nicknamed him Chigger and 13 years later I came along and they just put that tag, "Little Chigger", on me. We are still know by most people as Chigger.