I have been tossing around in my mind an insulation set up for a month or so and last night with a low of around 20 expected, I decided that it was the perfect time to test it out. The set up consisted of a Traveller hammock with an original Mac IX under quilt next to the hammock. Next I added my Go Lite Ultra 20 top quilt inside the hammock. Then I took my JRB Stealth quilt and enclosed the hammock and Go Lite quilt much like a pea-pod by cinching up the Stealth at the foot end, velcroing the foot box closed and then tying it closed in the middle and and the head end with shock cord. I finished the set up by attaching my Winter Yeti under it all. The temp at around 6:00 am was actually 19 and I was warm and toasty all night long except when I had to get up and pee ice cubes. I was wearing a mid weight base layer, flamethrower down socks, and a JRB down hood. I had intended to wear a pair of possum down mittens but I forgot them. Turns out that i did not need them. I had my down jacket handy but did not need it either. I'm sure that I could have been warm and comfortable to around zero. I could replace the JRB Stealth in the set up with my No Sniveler for another 20 of warmth. I did not take any photos but It is still set up in the back yard so maybe I can make some photos tomorrow.