Well, I've jumped in headfirst. My ripstop and noseeum has arrived from diygearsupply.com, and I've officially begun building my first UQ.

This will be a full length, winter quilt. Dimensions will be 72" long, 44" wide, and 3" baffles. Coyote brown outside, and olive green inside. This will be filled with 16 oz. of (stated) 750 fill power down from a "Royal Plaza" brand down pillow I purchased from Amazon using a gift card. Hopefully it won't have too many feathers. It won't arrive until next week.

I'm using the UQ calculator that meteor put together for my calculations.

I've just finished cutting and marking the outer shell tonight with 7 baffle lines. Because the outer shell is a little under 15 inches wider than the inner shell, i plan on placing 2 1/8th inch darts at the end of each noseeum line. The darts will be about 4.5 inches long. The sides will each have two 2 inch wide by 3 inch deep darts to bring the side length into alignment.

Tomorrow's fun will be cutting and marking the inner shell and baffles, and then onto sewing.

With all the resources on here, and the research I've been able to do, i think I have a pretty solid plan to start with. I don't think this will be the prettiest thing on earth, but if it keeps me warm and doesn't fall apart, I'll be pleased. I'll try to get some pictures up as I progress. We have an ohio winter hang coming up on the 20th, so I plan on being done and backyard tested before then.

Any suggestions on the darts? It's mainly the only thing the calculator leaves to the imagination. How do you sew your end seams? I'm using a 1" seam allowance at the ends, and plan on just doing roll hems with double stitching, since I'll be using grosgrain for shock cord channels. The sides have a 2" seam allowance, and I plan on using 3 stitch lines for strength, along with the grosgrain.


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