I've not even seen their work, and I'm already seriously impressed with how 2QZQ does business!

Wanted the mod #4 done to my HHED, but got a tight timeline because of an upcoming KC area hang. Sent an email asking if it was possible to get it done in real short notice...prompt response back letting me know it could be done and to send it on in.

Donna followed up with a couple of emails to make sure of EXACTLY what I wanted since I added on a peak bag last minute.

They managed to turn my order around in what I would have considered a nearly impossible timeframe, and I should have my hammock in hand today or tomorrow.

THANK YOU BOTH! Now I can't wait til my package arrives so I can REALLY get down to enjoying the new goodies!

I'm hoping to send my tarp in for some mods after this upcoming hang so that I'm well prepared to hang out and enjoy some good spring weather!