I'm hoping for advice from you expert hangers in finding the best book of knots. I'm a "visual learner" even when I read, and for something such as knots, I put illustrations as top priority.

I like cordage and rope usually 5mm and smaller. Things like 7/64" Amsteel, Paracord, Dynaglide, and various other 1/5mm - 3mm varieties. I like to use this stuff for structural purposes, such as bearing human weight, as well as decorative purposes, such as bracelets and lanyards.

Also utility purpose, like clotheslines, zipper pulls, anything I can think of. I'm looking for THE book for knot reference to carry in my knapsack for easy reference.

I would prefer contrasting colors of rope, for visual clarity, and as many pictures as possible, for all the steps of each knot. I don't need large images, as long as they're clear. Maybe even throw in some arrows for directional movement markings. I would prefer color images, over greyscale.

This book would need to have all the essentials, such as the taut line hitch, trucker's hitch, bowline, prusik, and square knots. Then all the decorative standards, like diamond lanyard knot, cobra or solomon bar, round and square sinnets, etc. Thirdly, all the splicing knots, for hollow braided ropes, such as whoopie slings, nacrabiners, etc.

If this book doesn't exist, what combination of books will constitute enough knowledge to write said book? Thanks.