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    Another note of thanks to everyone

    Everyone who contributes here, thank you. I would not have gone from tent to hammock camping last year without first reading this forum and all the advice. Last year I camped about 10 nights in a Hennessey Hammock and loved it. This year I just finished a 23 day canoe/kayak trip on the James River in Virginia, April 14 to May 6. I camped on the river 22 nights. I did the first 4 nights in HH, then switched to ENO with a separate rain tarp 10x10. I stayed in camp one day of 3 inches rain and just had a fine time hanging around, literally.
    Coldest night was in the Allegheny Highlands, freezing rain most of the night. I leaned a canoe paddle against the hammock so I could shake ice off the tarp during the night. Worked great.
    I'm using a Big Agnes Fish Hawk synthetic 30 degree with Insualted air core. I get cold easily so I also carry a down Mountain Hardware Phantom 45. It stuffs very small and I use it as a bag liner inside the Big Agnes. On the really cold nights I added wool socks and Merino base layer and Balacava. Before I started carrying the down bag I used a fleece bag liner, but fleece is way more bulky than the down bag.
    I did 3 nights car camping in upstate New York last weekend and the bag combo with the air core worked great. Hanging is a lot more comfortable, of course, just hard to do in a Wallyworld parking lot

    So, everyone, thanks for getting me into this hammock camping, it sure beats the heck out of sleeping on the ground, especially when there isn't any level ground or it's covered with boulders and roots or mud.

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    Welcome to HF Andy.
    Sounds like you're a life long hammocker now. Hope we'll see you at one of the campouts. ...Tim
    don`t leave the CREATOR out of the creation!

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