Recently I took a short overnight trip to the Wild Azalea Trail in Louisiana. The tempatures got down into the upper 20s and it gave me a good chance to test my winter setup. I am pleased with how the trip went and how my gear performed. I am thinking about doing the whole trail next month if I can get in shape by then.

One interesting story. it was about 11:30 or so and I was sound asleep inside my hammock when a sound woke me up. Something was in camp and it was big. I could hear it in the nearby creek and it made lots of noise when it walked. I wondered if another camper had shown up to the campsite so I annouced, "Who's There?". I was greated with a loud blow from what seemed like a large deer. So, I blew back in my best deer blow voice. Again, the deer gave me a loud blow as to challange who and what I was. This went on for several rounds and I eventually became tired of the conversation so I shouted, "Go Away". I guess the deer understands english because I heard thrashing as the deer ran away. Ever so ofte I could still hear the deer blowing from the distance until it finally gave up and moved on.

Here is a short video of my trip. Thanks for taking the time to read and watch this video.