Ok... So I finally did it. I made my first mod to my HH. I know it is nothing extreme but when it comes to cutting away material that you paid a good price for... I removed the bugnet. Liberation!! I admit I had more than a few reservations about removing it, but yesterday I suggested my other half take an afternoon nap in it (it was close to 70degrees and beautiful). I helped her get comfy and of course had to pass her a few items (book, drink, pillow, and blanket) through the bottom entry. It's not the easiest thing to do with a body in a bottom entry hammock. That was it... the last straw. I had no idea how much better it would be. A much improved hammock. The good thing is I have enough netting that I can still use it as a half bugnet so I still get the benefit of an included bugnet with the investment. In the future I plan on sewing a new bug net like the one Fronkey demonstrated in his video. Also I never knew how comfortable sitting in the HH is. With the net on you have to remove everything from the hammock to actually be able to use it like a chair demonstrated on the HH videos. For now I'm going to leave the bottom as is and will deal with it later.

Woooo Buddy!!